Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Celebrate Nature

Oh this month has been a month of firsts for me. I decided to take the plung into the world of blogging. Then after listening to my friends describe how much fun they had participating in various swaps, I decided to join the fun and participate in my first ever swap. It was hosted by Tamy Ottomeyer for GaGa for Garlands. The theme of this swap was" Celebrate." We could celebrate anything we wanted as long as it was incorporated somewhere on our banner. I thought about it for days---What could I celebrate?--- Then as I was doing my dishes looking out of my kitchen window it hit me. I could hear the birds singing, see the tree in my front yard bursting into bloom, the daffodils and tulips were up with the most beautiful buds--I could celebrate Nature. Something that in our busy lives we sometimes forget to notice and appreciate. So I set to work. I must say this was truly a fun project to complete. Here is a picture of my finished banner. I hope my partner enjoys it as much as I enjoyed creating it for her.

As I thought about my blog entry today, I knew I was going to share about my banner. I decided to take a walk around my yard and just appreciate the beautiful nature that surrounded me. Here are a few pictures of what I enjoyed this afternoon.

It was nice to stop and appreciate the beauty of nature. If you get the chance, take a moment to enjoy the beauty around you.
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