Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Day With My Mom and Sister

It has been a long time since I have been able to spend the day with both my mom and my sister---just us three girls :)  We decided to spend our time together at one of our favorite places Pittsburgh has to offer.  I have written about this place called The Strip District several times before but for those of you new to my blog I will briefly explain about this wonderful place.  The Strip District is an area just east of the city known for it's wholesalers, restaurants and fun funky shops. There are so many ethnic groups represented in the Strip and the street vendors are plenty as well selling everything from food to T-Shirts.  We woke early and arrived at one of my favorite places for breakfast --Raymond's.  I always order an amazing omelet filled with red onion, spinach, and feta cheese. 

After breakfast, we took our coffee to go and began to visit all of our favorite shops.  I couldn't wait to get through the doors of a shop called Roxanne's.  It is filled to the ceiling with floral arrangements and all things shabby but chic.  There is even an outside patio with a mix of antiques, living plants, and the most amazing garden accessories. 

 We were really excited to find the organic open air market.  This market is a perfect new addition to the Strip.  My sister is a wonderful cook---always trying new recipes with interesting ingredients.  She knew exactly what she was looking for and how to cook each item.   I am not that adventurous when it comes to cooking so while she shopped I snapped pictures. 
What a fun day we had enjoying the beautiful Autumn weather, the sites and smells of the Strip and eachother's company.  A perfect break from my craft room---a perfect way to spend a Saturday.
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