Thursday, January 10, 2013

It's been sooooo long.......

I received a phone call from a very special childhood friend the other day.  When my cell phone rang I did not recognize the number--a very unfamiliar area code.  I usually don't answer calls that I do not recognize but thankfully this time I did.  "Hello"  I said.   As soon as I heard the "Hi" on the other end I knew it was my friend Rande.  As children, Rande and I lived just a short walking distance from each other.  She is just a few years older than I and learned to ride her bike much sooner than I learned to ride mine.  She would take the short trip to my house to visit.  As time passed Rande's family moved from our neighborhood but Rande and I continued to stay in touch with each other.  She would make the trip "home" every year or so and we always made time to see each other.  Sometimes we even would have a slumber party.
Me, Rande, Heidi, Andrea in 1979

me, Rande, Andrea in 1981

Just last year Randy came for a visit.  We spent the afternoon enjoying each other's company and catching up over lunch at Panera.  
Heidi, Rande, Mom and me

During our recent phone call Rande mentioned that she missed me and wondered if everything was ok.  She asked if I was going to do a blog post soon because my last post was way back in October.  I assured her that I was doing great.  I had just become so overwhelmed with Christmas doll orders that I had neglected my blog.  I promised her that I would start updating more often.   Her call was a wonderful surprise reminding me that not only has my blog allowed me to meet many new friends but also to keep in touch with life long friends.  So in the new year of 2013 I am plan to post more often----- looking forward to meeting and making lots of new friends while visiting and keeping in touch with friends I have known a lifetime.  Thank you Rande for this reminder...I love you   xoxo
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