Thursday, March 4, 2010

Button Button

I love to think "outside of the box".  One of my favorite things to do is find new creative uses for an object--using it for something entirely different giving it a new purpose.  I have repurposed items all over my home.  I wrote about some of them on this post. Today I wanted to share with you my most recent repurposed item.  I am sure you have all seen those sweet little cupcake stands.  You know the ones ment to hold yummy cupcakes at birthday parties.  I had my eye on one at Target for several weeks.  I must have looked at it while shopping with Kate and Emma (the little girls I babysit) because guess what they surprised me with for my birthday.  I was thrilled to receive it and hated to store it away in a closet until I baked some cupcakes.  Then I took a really good look at it and thought how fun it would be used as a rack to store my buttons.  I have shared before how much I love the products sold at Papertrey Ink and their wonderful buttons did not disappoint me.  I ordered several bags and was delighted with their beautiful colors--too pretty to store unseen.  Each little bag of buttons fit perfectly into an 8 ounce ball canning jar which slipped easily into the spaces on the cupcake stand. 

I wanted to be sure to remember the color name of each button set so I printed out these pretty labels by Martha Stewart and sized them to fit on the lid of the jars.  I cut them out using my scalloped Nestabilities circles and adhered them  to each lid.
Look how pretty these colors are. Is it any wonder why I wanted to display them.....

Did you notice that there are some empty jars?  Did you also notice that the labels have already been printed with the names of the other colors on my wish list?  (hehehe) 
Do you have any repurposed items in your home? I would love to see your creative ideas!!
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