Monday, February 6, 2012


.....a post about bees or honey perhaps---No---a play on words describing my day--No---This post is to share with you a new on-line shop that I just discovered. Now some of you that are avid sewers or fabric collectors may have already discovered this shop but for those who have not, here is the link SUPERBUZZY They have the sweetest fabric ever!!!! Look what the mailman brought to my door today....

See I told you :)

Now I am going to be really corny and use the "play on words".  I will be participating in another craft show the first weekend in March.  Because my blog posts have been few and far between as of late I wanted to share with you what has been keeping me "SUPER BUZZY".  (it's bad I know)

soft polka dot Easter lambs

Funny little bunnies made from socks---their floppy ears are the "fingers" from Winter gloves.

A silly post I know...but a fun one too.  I hope you enjoy looking around Superbuzzy ......... happy shopping :)

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