Friday, January 8, 2010

What's a girl to do..............

I woke this morning to SNOW!! The weatherman warned of it's arrival and I was ready for it.  Yes I am one of those crazy people that feels they must get to the grocery store before a snowstorm.  I stocked up on bread, milk, toilet paper and the ingrediants to make wedding soup yesterday while there was a break in the weather.  I even stopped at Michaels to purchase extra scrapbook adhesive-you know just in case I would be snowed in until March.  With the schools cancelled and more snow on the way, it was clear to me that I was indeed snowed in.  What's a girl to do with a snowy day----send your 18 year old son outside to shovel the walk, make yourself a cup of coffee, put in your favorite movie (Ever After with Drew Barrymore) and CREATE.  I am still in the Valentine mood so I decided to make a few cards. 

(I apoligize for the quality of the last two photos.  It is hard to get good lighting on a dark snowy day)
I used my favorite stamp set from Papertrey Ink called Everyday Buttons Bits.  If you are looking for a fun stamp set this is the one for you.  On the 15th of every month, they introduce several new sets.  Each day up until the 15th they provide sneak peeks and I gasped with excitment to see sneak peek #2---another button bit set!!!!! I know just what I am going to spend my Christmas gift certificate on. 
Since the clock reads 4:15 already and I have played the whole day away, I'd better be off to get dinner started.  Wedding soup and corn bread muffins :)   Hope you have a safe and warm weekend

I took these pictures last night as the snow began to fall.  I hope you can see the tiny snowflakes.  They were  so very beautiful.  Nature's beauty is simply amazing!!!
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