Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St Patty's Day

I love it when a day brings all that is unexpected.  Alex and I had planned on waking early this beautiful St. Patricks day to take a drive to one of my favorite places in Pittsburgh--the Strip District.  I have written about this place several times before so I will not repeat myself but if you would like to read my post just click here.  I don't know where we have been for the past several days, but we were totally unaware that the St Patricks Day parade began right at the Strip.  At first we were a bit irritated with all the traffic, crowds, and confusion but the longer we sat in the car we realized we had never been to a St Patricks Day parade before.  We quickly  parked the car and joined in the fun.  First things first, neither one of us were wearing the correct color--Alex in blue and I in orange of all colors.  We stopped at one of the street vendors, picked our favorite festive St. Patrick shirt, and did a quick change in their "dressing room".  After we had the proper attire we headed  off to the parade. Once we had been walking a bit I noticed that we had somehow gotten "behind the scenes" at the parade staging area.  What fun to see all the participants before the parade began.  I must admit I felt a little like Ferris Beuller participating in a parade in which we were really invited :)  As we walked we came across Mr Mcfeely--the speedy delivery man from Mr Roger's neighborhood.  What a treat to meet him. He was truly a friendly, kind man---taking time to talk and visit with us.
What a FUN FUN day we had-------

I hope your St Patricks Day was happy and fun too :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Rag Dolls

It's finally here---the art show weekend that I have been working toward since January.  I just have a few items to put some finishing touches on and I will be ready.  I wanted to share with you some of the dolls that I will be taking with me.

The camera battery is charging as I write this so be sure to stop back on Monday for lots of pictures and adventures from the show.  Have a wonderful weekend.  xoxo  Mimi
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