Saturday, November 7, 2009

Let's catch up.........

These past few weeks have been filled with some fun and exciting events that I wanted to be sure to share with you all.  So before time gets away from me, grab a cup of tea and maybe a cookie or two  and lets catch up.......
On October 17 Alex and I celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary.  Wow 22 years ago we said " I do" and began our lives together as man and wife.  When Alex asked me how I wanted to celebrate this anniversary, I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to do.  Then he asked the question in a different way..."Do you want to go out for a really nice dinner or do you want to get another puppy"?  I had to think about that for about one second---"Let's have pizza and get a puppy" We had been talking about getting a friend for Sassy and this seemed like the perfect way to celebrate our anniversary.  I have always wanted a Golden Retreiver but Alex wasn't sure that he wanted such a big dog.  He just could not be convinced that it was a good idea but since this was a gift for our anniversary he gave in.  I called around and found a breeder who had one little girl left---I knew she was ment for us.  After talking with the breeder for a long while she invited us to come and meet this sweet little pup.  How do I know that my husband loves me.... I forgot to mention that we had to drive about 2 1/2 hours from home,  on a Sunday afternoon , during the STEELER game. I think that says "true love".  Oh boy was it worth it---I fell in love with her the minute I saw her.  Let me introduce to you the newest member of our family......
Mabel Vanilla Grace
Oh yes,  I asked the little girls I babysit to help name her--I chose her first name but her middle names were carefully and lovingly choosen by Kate and Emma.

Mable is settling in wonderfully at her new home.  She and Sassy love each other and it sure is a blast to watch them play.  She is going to be the perfect addition to our family.

Another exciting event occured last Friday night at my son's football game. It is a tradition that before the last home game of the regular season all of the senior band members, cheerleaders, and football players along with their parents walk onto the field to be recognized.  It was a beautiful night, warm temperatures and NO rain.   We had watched this event for many years and it seemed surreal  that we were actually apart of  this year's Senior Night celebration.  

All of the moms were give the most beautiful yellow rose corsage and a family picture was taken to commerate the event.  I have not received a copy of that photo yet but I will share it with you at a later post. The night continued on with a win for the team which made 100 wins for our head coach.  The boys were so excited as the game was played against our number one rival. 
 It was a wonderful night--one that I will remember for a long time.

This weekends activity will be the last event I share for this post.  It is a weekend event that my mom and I look forward to every year.   We work all year creating items to display and sell at a local craft fair.  It is a large show with many vendors.  The weather was beautiful this year which brought many shoppers our way. 

I displayed my soldered charms, scrapbooks, and cards while my mom shared her beautiful quilts, purses, and embellished jean shirts.  We had so much fun this year as my good friends Joyce and Bethanie had their tables next to ours.  I also have so much fun meeting new people and talking about my art.  After the craft show my mom and I ended the day with a nice dinner at one of my favorite local restrauants .  It was a great day for many reasons but it was extra special because I got to share it with my mom. 
Thanks for catching up with me.  It has been a long day and I am headed off to bed for some much needed sleep.  Have a great rest of the weekend.  Check back soon as I have some Christmas projects that I can't wait to share with you.

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