Monday, April 4, 2011

Birds, Bitty Bugs and Beatrice

I know this is a silly title for a blog post but it sums up my total post for today. 
For several weeks now I have been watching a little Morning Dove sit on a nest right outside of my patio door.  She would sit there through wind, rain, hail and snow.  I could not imagine that she had already laid eggs---it has been so cold here.  But to my surprise this morning, I looked at the nest and look what I saw.  Not only had she laid eggs, but they already hatched and had grown into the sweetest baby birds.  I love nature and all the little miracles that it shares with us.

What is a bitty bug you may be asking??? Well  it is another fun doll I created using a bit of whimsy pattern. I loved making this doll so much that I made a little boy bitty bug....... 
and a little girl bitty bug.........

Don't they make the perfect pair :)

Lastly I would like to introduce you all to Beatrice.  I know I know another doll----I just can't help myself.

Since my last doll had blond hair and blue eyes, I thought it would be fun to create a little brown hair--brown eye princess.  When I saw this fabric in the quilt shop I just had to have a little piece.  It reminds me of the house dresses my Grandma used to wear. 
With her polka dot shoes and vintage buttons she just makes me smile.
Thanks for stopping in for a visit with me today.  I love sharing my creations with you.  Wishing everyone a Happy Week :)
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