Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Swap for All Seasons

When my very good friend, Joyce, mentioned that she had joined a Spring swap my first thought was "Oh that's nice---Swaps are just not for me. You may be asking yourself what exactly is a swap??? A swap happens when a group of Internet friends decide to exchange names with each participant receiving the name of a partner. The swap has a host who organizes the event and assigns a theme. The goal is to get to know your partner through her blog or through e-mails and keeping with the assigned theme search for special treasures that your partner will love. I thought the idea sounded like fun and had joined two swaps in the past. After putting much thought into the gifts for my partner, I received nothing in return. It was a very big disappointment. Joyce assured me that this would not happen in this swap-- "The host, Linda, is a lovely lady and her swaps are organized and so much fun." After receiving a thoughtful email from Linda and reading her beautiful blog, I felt reassured and decided to give it another try. Oh my goodness am I glad I did. I was assigned a partner (also named Linda) and began to get to know her by reading her wonderful blog, Lambsworld. After exchanging emails I set to work hunting for special treasures. I will post pictures of them in another post as her package is still in route and I want her to be surprised. But I will show you pictures of what I received in return. I am overwhelmed with excitement and gratitude. First of all this is the top of the box my gifts were mailed in. WOW!!! The mailman just smiled at me as he handed me my box of treasures. I carefully opened the box from the bottom so that I could save this masterpiece. These are the wonderful goodies I found inside..........After opening all of these lovely gifts, my little helper Emma could hardly wait to open her favorite of all ----the M & M's
Thank you so much Linda for all of these wonderful gifts. I could not love them more!!!!
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