Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Saturday in my Studio

Have you ever been afforded one of those days where their are no planned activities--- no schedules to keep?  It doesn't happen often in my house so it is a real treat to experience a day like today.  The perfect day to get caught up on some of my special orders.  In my pjs, coffee in hand I headed into my studio and got to work.  As I sit here tonight writing this post, I am still in my pjs, coffee in hand (decaf this time) but I now have the satisfaction of three completed projects. 

This sweet little doll will be a new friend for a precious little girl named Lilly Rose (Rosie). Rosie will be turning one soon and a friend of mine asked me to create a special doll for her with two requests....1.  her dress must have the color pink  2.  she needed to have a little headband with big flowers in her hair (just like Rosie always wears) This was such a fun doll to make--I hope she helps to make Rosie's day a special one.

A custom order little lamb to welcome a precious baby boy to the world.

I actually created this little bunny twice.  In April I received a custom order and completed this sweet little bunny.  I packaged him up and sent him off to a precious little boy named Sebastian.  Sebastian's mommy sent me a note along with a picture telling me just how much her little boy loved his new friend. About two weeks ago I received another note from Sebastian's mommy.  As it turns out Sebastian's daddy is in the military and  recently had been assigned to another location.  During the move, the little bunny was lost.  I quickly got to work and Sebastian will soon have his bunny friend once again.

On a personal note-----As I created today, safe and sound in my home, I have been glued to the weather channel watching the effects of hurricane Irene. This really is a frightening storm with so many people in harms way.  I pray tonight that God will protect all those in the way of this storm.

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