Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

This day in March is the day we celebrate my Mom and her birthday. Today we celebrate all the special things about her that makes us love her so much. Her kind spirit, sense of humor, nurturing way, love of the Lord, willingness to share her talents, friendliness, wisdom, love of adventure, and joyous heart. There are so many things I love about my mom I couldn't possibly list them all. Her unconditional love for me is such a blessing and something I cherish. We had a lovely day. My friend, Heidi, invited us to her home for the most delicious lunch. What a nice time we had laughing and spending time with each other. Heidi has the sweetest little dog named Jazzie who just could not be left out of the celebration. Later in the day Mom came to my home for dinner and for a little bit of crafting afterward. We worked together making cards to be mailed to members of her church group in need of cheering up.

Alex ventured in to say hello and because it was Grandma's birthday agreed to pose for a picture without too much convincing.

Happy Birthday Mom. I love you so much!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Swap for All Seasons

When my very good friend, Joyce, mentioned that she had joined a Spring swap my first thought was "Oh that's nice---Swaps are just not for me. You may be asking yourself what exactly is a swap??? A swap happens when a group of Internet friends decide to exchange names with each participant receiving the name of a partner. The swap has a host who organizes the event and assigns a theme. The goal is to get to know your partner through her blog or through e-mails and keeping with the assigned theme search for special treasures that your partner will love. I thought the idea sounded like fun and had joined two swaps in the past. After putting much thought into the gifts for my partner, I received nothing in return. It was a very big disappointment. Joyce assured me that this would not happen in this swap-- "The host, Linda, is a lovely lady and her swaps are organized and so much fun." After receiving a thoughtful email from Linda and reading her beautiful blog, I felt reassured and decided to give it another try. Oh my goodness am I glad I did. I was assigned a partner (also named Linda) and began to get to know her by reading her wonderful blog, Lambsworld. After exchanging emails I set to work hunting for special treasures. I will post pictures of them in another post as her package is still in route and I want her to be surprised. But I will show you pictures of what I received in return. I am overwhelmed with excitement and gratitude. First of all this is the top of the box my gifts were mailed in. WOW!!! The mailman just smiled at me as he handed me my box of treasures. I carefully opened the box from the bottom so that I could save this masterpiece. These are the wonderful goodies I found inside..........After opening all of these lovely gifts, my little helper Emma could hardly wait to open her favorite of all ----the M & M's
Thank you so much Linda for all of these wonderful gifts. I could not love them more!!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009


At long last Spring is here!!! As if my daffodils and crocus's were anticipating this day as much as I, they have begun to poke through the chilly ground to feel the warm sun on their petals. I love this time of year when everything is fresh and new. I recently came across this sweet little poem. It speaks of so many of the things I look forward to in this season.

The Call of Spring

When Spring begins
again to light
Our happy world
With colors bright,

The robins all come
Back to see
How beautiful
The earth will be.

With crocus gold,
And daffodils
Lighting Meadows,
Fields, and hills;

With leaves of green
And tulips gay,
And birds arriving
Every day.

Before I close this post for today, I want to share with you another little project that I have just completed for a Vintage Spring Swap hosted by A Swap for all Seasons.

I created this photo banner using some of my favorite vintage supplies. A page from a French novel, sheet music, seam binding, and a scanned image from a vintage greeting card. The card images have been sewn on the corners to form a pocket. A 4 X 6 photo will slip easily into the corner pockets to complete the photo banner. I had such fun creating this banner and I hope my swap partner will enjoy it.

I wish you all a happy first day of Spring. Enjoy all the wonders this day brings.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A New Adventure

Is it really March 11? Wow eleven days since my last post. Time really will slip away from you if you let it. In that time between my last post, I have decided to embark on a new adventure that I am so excited share with you. Located about 15 minutes from my home, there is a little boutique/gift shop called Sweet Pea's. It makes it's home in a sweet little house filled with all the wonderful vintage charm that I love so. Sweet Pea's is a boutique filled with wares from over 70 local designers. All of the items sold in the shop are handmade. I had contemplated becoming a part of the Sweet Pea family about a year and a half ago but the timing was just not right. Recently the opportunity presented itself once again. With much thought and prayer I have decided to set up my little shop, Dandelion Wishes, and become part of the Sweet Pea team. So I have three weeks to gather display pieces, make price tags and business cards, make a shop sign, and make enough products to fill my shop. I jokingly told my husband and son that the dinner selection for the next three weeks would be either pizza, hot dogs, or Cheerios. ( Hmmm I think I was joking) I have so many ideas swimming around in my thoughts and I have been very busy creating. Before I let too many more days go by, I wanted to share with you some of the items that will be a part of Dandelion Wishes at Sweet Pea's. I have created several different variations of my Peek a Boo Lunchbox Notes....
I have been saving this pretty pink paper for sometime now and this seemed like the perfect project to use it on. A sweet scalloped chipboard book---just a sample of it's pages........

One last project for today..this sweet little farm accordion book. I found this adorable fabric and just had to have a piece. It makes the perfect cover for the vintage farm animals inside......

Well I'd better get back to work. April 1 will be here before I know it. I will definitely be posting more of my completed projects for you all to see so I hope you will visit again real soon.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Reliance upon the future, faith, expectation, confidence, anticipation, optimism

As I woke this morning and peeked through one eye out of the bedroom window I could see the sun shinning so brightly. The sky was so blue not a cloud to be seen. Oh now don't get me wrong it is still freezing outside but just to see the sun was wonderful!! I hopped out of bed and went to the window and there fluttering in the leaves was a family of Robins!!! Oh Yes Spring is on the way. For some reason this Winter season seems to be taking forever to finally fade into Spring. But just seeing those happy Robins gave me hope.
And then look what I found just outside my kitchen door in the herb garden......
Sweet little snowdrops--the first flower of Spring. They sometimes even bloom as they are being covered with snow. It surely can't be long now. Before we know it our gardens will be bursting with blooms. Just in case you are having trouble waiting for the arrival of the Spring flowers, let me share with you these two beauties that I purchased yesterday.

Alex and I decided to go to breakfast yesterday morning and took a little drive to a wonderful diner called Pamela's. It was delicious and the best part was, it is located right next to my favorite store, Roxannes. I just could not leave without taking these beautiful roses home with me.

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday. Take heart, have faith, and anticipate the arrival of Spring.

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