Friday, April 2, 2010

Miss Rhea's Easter Basket Swap

I recently participated in an Easter basket swap hosted by the sweet Miss Rhea from Sweet N Shabby Roses.  I usually don't participate in many swaps but this one was just too cute to pass up.  The idea was to create an Easter basket using an empty yogurt container.  Create something beautiful out of something that normally would be thrown away--sounds good to me!! At first I was puzzled at how to go about this challenge.  I was thankful that Miss Rhea gave a little tutorial to help me along.  You can read her helpful hints by clicking here.  We were each assigned two partners so for me the first step was to introduce myself and get to know a little bit about them.  That's always fun for me--I love to meet new people :) 
My first partner was April from Frilyy Frolic.  I learned April's favorite colors are pink, aqua, and white.  Here is the little basket that I created for her.
We were to include five small gifts with our baskets so I included a couple of seed packages (forget-me-nots and sunflowers) a tiny little birdhouse, two pieces of chocolate and a soldered charm.  In reading April's blog I could see the love she has for her children and how much joy they bring her.  When it came time to solder her charm,  I wanted it to reflect that joy. 
My other partner was Kelly of For the Love of Laundry. Kelly's favorite colors are pink, blue, cream, and light yellow.  Here is the little basket that I made for her.
Kelly received some of the same goodies.  In reading her blog, I could see Kelly's love for the Lord, and for all girly vintage treasures. To reflect that,  I soldered her charm using a piece of a vintage handkerchief and used the sentiment, Faith for the back.
Now I am so excited to show you the amazing baskets that I received in return.
First from April...
April included the most beautiful crystal on the handle and just look at all the Easter sweetness!!
Next from Kelly......
Kelly included the most wonderful vintage treasures!! Just look at that amazing mother of pearl belt buckle.  I will be saving that for something special that I create for me :)
Thank you both April and Kelly for creating something so beautiful for me.  I could not love them more. 
As I was working on my baskets, Kate and Emma (the little girls I babysit) were so excited to see what I was making from a yogurt container.  I had such fun making these baskets I thought they would make the perfect Easter gift for them. 
Kates favorite color---Green. Emma's----Red
Thank you Miss Rhea for hosting this most clever swap.  I not only have two amazing baskets but also two new friends as a result. 

If you would like to see some more baskets created by the other participants, just hop on over to Miss Rhea's blog for the complete list. (I am a little early with my post as I will be away from my computer tomorrow.   The list may not be posted until then--Saturday April 3)
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