Monday, January 26, 2015

Where Do I Begin??

  Two years is a long time to be away.  I had just intended on taking a small break from my blog--a few months to just catch up on life's responsibilities.  Well those months have turned into years and here I am asking myself where did that time go.  So much has happened in those two years--weddings--new babies--birthdays--new friends new creations--happy times--sad times--celebrations-- too much to include in just one blog post.  So the question I am faced with as I awaken my sleeping blog is----Where do I begin?

As a young girl growing up I spent my Summer days with friends enjoying their swimming pool.  I always had so much fun once I finally eased my way into the water.  I can remember my friends telling me "the best way to get in is to just take the plunge and JUMP RIGHT IN".  So I will follow that advice as it applies to my blog and  just JUMP RIGHT IN sharing a few new creations from my sewing room.

It feels so nice to be back---
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