Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dogs VS Dinosaur

A few days ago I asked Drew's mommy if she could bring a few of Drew's toys from home for him to play with while he is with me.  When I first started babysitting him, I had purchased a bunch of toys for us to play with but he has become such a big boy I was afraid that he was becoming bored with those "baby" toys.  She brought us all kinds of fun toys---the Fisher Price farm, trucks, airplanes, and a very cool ride on dinosaur.  Not only does this dinosaur ZOOM across my hardwood floors,  but it also plays music while blinking lights dance to the music in strobe light fashion.  The dogs are terrified of it.  When he parked it outside of my bedroom door today before leaving for the night, he had no idea the dogs were inside sleeping on their bed.  When I heard sad crys for help coming from the room I went to investigate.  This is what I found.....
Instead of coming to their rescue right away like a good "doggie Mommy", I grabbed my camera and recorded their efforts to escape this ferocious beast.

After laughing to the point of tears, I finally decided to come to their aid and release the hounds.  They are resting comfortably now recovering  from their traumatic experience.

Whoever said that Golden Retrievers and Beagles are two of the smartest dogs never had the pleasure of meeting my three  silly dogs :)    I do however love them with my whole heart :)
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