Monday, May 19, 2008

The Art of Repurposing

What in the world is repurposing you ask?? Well I define it as taking an object with it's original purpose and using it for something entirely different giving it a new purpose. You may have repurposed items all around your home without even realizing it. The laundry basket used to store toys, a pretty mug used to hold pencils by the phone, or empty baby food jars used to organize nuts and bolts in the garage. All good examples of repurposed items. Items for repurposing can be found just about anywhere. They can be new items or previously used items. I must admit I have been known to rescue items from the certain demise of the garbage man. I call these items curb-side treasures :) To master the art of repurposing you must "think outside the box". Well that's how my family refers to me anyway. When I look at an item I think about what it would look like with a fresh coat of white paint, or how I could use this item for unique storage or what would this item look like in the garden? It helps to give new purpose to things. Are you still confused ? Let me show you a few examples from around my home.......

First let's visit my garden.A bucket that once held coal now holds a pretty flower.

An old worn out shutter makes a nice background for a cheerful potted flower.

An old locker basket is now the new home for a happy geranium.

I have lots of repurposed items inside my home as well. Here are just a few of my favorites.

When I saw this old fan blade guard I just fell in love with it's charm. I wasn't sure what I would do with this little treasure but since it was only a quarter I scooped it right up. After I got it home I realized what a wonderful towel rack it would make hanging on my little red table in the kitchen.

This was a real find at a local flea market. It's original purpose was to display bags of chips for sale at a grocery store. I thought it would be perfect to display some of my favorite vintage photos of my family.

I love to repurpose items in my craft studio as well.

I have always loved the look of these old flower frogs.
I have quite a collection of them. This one found it's way to my scrapbook table and is the perfect thing to hold all of my pencils and pens.

I just recently added this repurposed item. When I came home with this my family just shook their heads. I told them not to worry I had the perfect plan for this treasure. What is it you ask...well it is the springs of a baby crib (painted that pretty shade of blue that I love) It is the perfect way to store all of my die-cuts. I purchased some little "S" hooks for them to hang on---now I can easily see what I have and it makes them so accessible.

I found this sweet little salt shaker at an estate sale recently. I really loved the way the glass was cut. I use salt shakers in my craft studio to store my glitter, but this one is so pretty I thought it would make the ideal vase for those dainty flowers growing in my garden right now.

As you can see, it is so much fun to repurpose items. Just use your imagination and "think outside the box". You will be amazed at how once that was headed for the trash will now become one of your prized treasures. Have fun and Happy treasure hunting :)
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