Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is my Moms birthday--a day that I truly celebrate. 

I celebrate her birth, her love for me, and our friendship. I celebrate the blessing she is to not only me but to everyone she meets.  I celebrate her kind spirit,  sense of humor, nurturing way, love of the Lord, willingness to share her talents, friendliness, wisdom, love of adventure, and joyous heart.  I celebrate the wonderful example she is to my son.

We started the party yesterday when Heidi, my mom's very good friend, Ruth and I all went to lunch.  I even brought a surprise visitor (Alex) to brighten up the day.  Getting him to take a serious picture takes some work (lol) But for Grandma he complied.

We continued the birthday fun at breakfast this morning with my Aunt Kathy(mom's sister)--who just happens to share the same birthday.  She was born on my mom's third bithday.  I try each year to make my mom's gift.  She always says not to buy her anything so I try to find something unique to create for her.   This year I knew as soon as I saw the beautiful art of Michelle Palmer that I had found the perfect thing.  Mom loves birds so I purchased three pen and ink sketches from Michelle, made them  mats of vintage sheet music, notebook paper and a page from a French book and framed them in a vintage frame. 
I covered the back of the frame with an old file folder and attached the names of the sketches with Michelle's signature.  My mom was delighted with her gift. 

Happy Birthday Mom!! I love you with all of my heart.
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