Thursday, February 26, 2009

One Last Gift

I have one last special Birthday gift to share with you all. This gift is so special to me not only because it was given to me by my Mom, but because she made it for me. My mom is such a talented lady and from as far back as I can remember she has loved to sew. When we were little she would sew dresses for my sister and I and make the most wonderful doll cloths for our baby dolls and Barbies. As I grew older I began to appreciate her talent more and more. There was one afternoon my mom and I were shopping and looking at the magazine section of a local drugstore. She picked up a quilting magazine and said how much she admired quilts and would love to learn how to make them. And guess what--- With some direction from some ladies at our church but mainly all on her own---she did. I love to go with her to the local quilt shop and watch her pick out fabric. She has such an eye for color and can match fabrics together to complete the most amazing quilts. This year for my Birthday she made me the most beautiful "shabby chic" quilt I have ever seen. She choose all of my favorite colors--I couldn't love it more!!
One of the things I love most about this quilt is that with each washing the "raw" edges of the flowers will fray more and more so that it will have the look of chenille. Thank you Mom for this most special gift. I will treasure it ALWAYS!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

"Egg"-actly what I love

As I shared in the last post, my Birthday was truly wonderful. I am so blessed to have family and friends who have taken the time to really get to know me as a person and know exactly what warms my heart. It sincerely is a special feeling. I wanted to share today some of the gifts that were bestowed to me in celebration of my Birthday. Do remember that sweet little nest that my friend Heidi purchased for me at Roxanne's? Well here is what I did with it.
The apothecary jar was a gift from the family for whom I babysit. I have always wanted one but never actually went ahead and treated myself. I think I may have squealed with delight as I opened the package. With a little shredded vintage sheet music in the bottom of the jar, it made a perfect home for my little nest. I added this happy little bird and some blue eggs to finish off the display. I am so happy with the result. Then as if all my friends got together and discussed a theme this year, my wonderful friend Michele made me this sweet little bottle.
Tucked down inside the gift bag, Michele also added this lovely candy mold.
As I opened the next gift it was very apparent that my friends do know what makes me smile. My friend, Joyce surprised me with this delightful little nest which looks so perfect on my mantle.
And this little vintage creamer that I filled with more cheery eggs. I just love it's soft color.
Last night as I was thinking about this post and listening to the weatherman inform me of yet another round of snow that was headed my way, I decided it was time to display all of these wonderful gifts and to bring out the rest of my Spring decorations. I started with the mantle.....
I added a bit of netting across the mantle to soften the look.
The little girls in the picture frame are my Mom and my Aunt holding their Easter baskets. After the mantle was complete I added a few more Spring decorations to my kitchen.
When I was at a local flea market last Summer I picked up the fun vintage egg box. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it but I just had to have it. I am so glad I did because here is the result.......

Now you can see why I received "Egg"-actly what I love and why I am so "Egg"-cited for the arrival of Spring!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Birthday's Can Be Beautiful

As I get older the excitement and anticipation of each new Birthday seems to diminish with each passing year. As a little girl, I can remember counting Birthdays with eager expectancy even announcing the half year mark with pride. It seemed to take forever until the next Birthday would arrive and I could say I was another year older. Now as the years have quickly crept up on me I accept Birthday wishes with a smile and hope that no one actually asks me how old I will be turning. This year as my Birthday was approaching, Emma, the sweet little girl who I babysit, asked me to show her on my fingers how many years old I would be turning. I guess to a four year old this was a distinct possibility. I just smiled and told her I would need several more hands to accommodate her request. I must say however, even though I do not look forward to turning another year older, I do look forward to time spent with friends who make this day so special. This year they really out did themselves. My Birthday this year fell on a Sunday. When my very best friend, Heidi, asked me what I would like to do I quickly answered that I would like to take a Saturday trip to the Strip District. Now don't worry, with a name like the Strip District your minds are probably swirling with ideas. For those of you familiar with Pittsburgh, you know that this is an area just east of the city known for it's wholesalers, restaurants and fun funky shops. There are so many ethnic groups represented in the Strip and the street vendors are plenty as well selling everything from food to T-Shirts. I was so excited to visit one of my all time favorite stores, Roxanne's Dried Flowers. Let me just show you in photos why this is one of my favorite places.......

This sweet little bird nest was so unique I just fell in love with it. I was thrilled when Heidi offered to purchase it for my Birthday. Wait until you see what I did with it... but that will have to be a post for a later time. After shopping at Roxanne's, we had a most delicious breakfast at a lovely cafe and continued on with our shopping. We purchased the most yummy biscotti, spices, gourmet popcorn, and of course some Steeler T-shirts.
This fun stove was on display at the gourmet popcorn store. Wouldn't it be amazing to have this stove in your kitchen. I just loved the color. Below are flowers for sale on the street corner. Aren't they beautiful.

Heidi and I had such a wonderful morning. I could not have asked for a better way to start off my Birthday celebration---and that was Saturday alone. I have so much more to share from other friends but I think I will do a sequel to this post.
Even though getting a year old is not one of my favorite things, Birthday's can be Beautiful spent with Beautiful friends.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sweet Little Picture Frames

Not a long post tonight...I just wanted to share with you a little project that I have been working on. I found these adorable little picture frames as I was wondering around one of our local stores yesterday. I almost passed them by when I noticed that the mat inside of the frame was actually a thin piece of particle board. How perfect for altering. So I scooped up a bunch and hurried home to create. I just wanted something simple---sometimes less is more. Here are the first two that I completed.
The precious little girl in this frame is my mom. I just love this picture!!

This sweet little boy is none other than my husband on his first birthday.

This was a fun project to complete. I bought several more of these frames and have so many ideas on how to alter them. So off I go to create..............

Monday, February 2, 2009

"Deer" to my Heart

One of my fondest childhood memories were the times spent with my Dad looking for deer. I can remember many evenings the whole family would pile into my Dad's truck and head for the local apple orchard to "spot" for deer. He had this giant spotlight that when plugged into the cigarette lighter could light up the universe. He would drive ever so slowly while my sister and I would take turns sweeping the light across the apple orchard trying to catch the glowing eyes of unsuspecting deer. There is something to that phrase "like a deer caught in the headlights". Those poor deer were probably blinded by the light of that spotlight. As we drove on, my Dad would share with us all of his "deer wisdom".
1. Deer always travel in numbers.
2. When one deer crosses the road always wait a minute--more will follow.
3. When looking for deer, focus on the woods edge.
My Dad even took me deer hunting with him once. The key word here is ONCE. Don't worry I didn't carry a gun I just went along to spend time with him. After we made a slight adjustment to the outfit my Mom sent for me to wear in the woods, we were ready for our adventure. An adjustment you ask? Well she sent a nice warm BROWN coat and for my head-- a pretty WHITE crocheted hat with a giant WHITE pom pom. Could I have looked more like a deer? Thankfully my Dad replaced all of this with the brightest orange I ever saw. All was going well until a little field mouse popped right out of the grass and ran across my legs. I screamed so loud that I am sure deer from miles around knew of our presence. Like I said before, he only took me once. But what fond memories I have. To this day I always find myself on the look out for deer. Imagine my surprise when I looked out of my bedroom window and spotted a whole family of deer just hanging out in my neighbors yard. They didn't even mind me hanging out of my window, camera in hand, snapping pictures like a crazy woman. If I could have only read their thoughts. Here are some of the pictures I was able to capture.......

I was so excited to see these beauties so close I must have stood at my window for a half an hour just watching them. I wonder how I will feel when they return in the Spring to nibble on the tender sprouts in my flower garden....
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