Saturday, January 30, 2010

Picture of the Week

This week's picture was taken on Wednesday evening.  Alex was participating in a dual wrestling meet at his high school.  Four teams wrestling against eachother--winners of the first round wrestling eachother in the second round.  Alex's team wrestled to victory in the first round with Alex winning his individual match 4-1.  Winners of the next round to take the division championship.  Before the wrestling began I captured this photo of dad and son.  I love the way Alex is looking at his dad absorbing all of the last minute advice. 
**The good news----Alex's team again wrestled to victory winning the title of District Champs!!!!!

***The bad news---Alex suffered a match ending knee injury.  His knee became completely dislocated.  As Alex(SR) and I watched from the stands our hearts just stopped.  It was so difficult watching our son in so much pain.  The initial trip to the ER indicated that there was not any bone damage but we will have to wait until Monday to visit the orthopeadic surgeon.  We are praying this is not a season ending injury.  He says it is feeling much better and is even hobbling around with only his immobilizer--he has decided "no crutches necessary"   I will keep you posted.........
After a visit to the orthopeadic surgeon this morning,  it was decided that there would be NO need for surgery.  He ordered intense physical therapy for 3-4 weeks and then he will reassess Alex's knee to determine if he will be able to wrestle again this season.  He seemed really hopefull which made Alex very happy.  Thanks for all your good wishes and prayers!!!!!!
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