Monday, September 10, 2012

Are You Ready For Some Football??

It's football season once again.  Living in Pittsburgh for my whole life I guess you could say that I grew up on football.  Sunday's were never quiet at my childhood home.  My parents were true fans.  With this cool, Autumn weather we have been having I must say I was in the mood to watch some Steeler football last night.  As I watched the game I worked at my sewing table on this little doll for the children's boutique where my dolls are sold.  I thought it would be fun to share her with you. 

Her little outfit is removable including her Mary-Jane socks.  I was just a bit nervous sewing her bloomers.  It was my first attempt at ruffles.  After a quick consult with my mom I gave it a try.   All in all I am happy with the way she turned out.  Too bad the game didn't have such a happy result :)  That's ok boys you'll get'em next week.......

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Emily

Last year on August 28 our family was all together in the waiting room of our local hospital awaiting the arrival of our newest family member.  It wasn't until late into the evening until we were able to welcome Emily Elizabeth Panormios into our family.  Ever since that evening she has brought countless blessings and joys to the whole family.  Watching her grow and discover new things has truly been a delight.  It was our pleasure last weekend to host her first birthday party celebrating her first year of life. 
This little girl loves Elmo.  Whenever she hears his song, "Elmo's World" she stops whatever she is doing to watch.  Her parents could not think of a better theme for her first party---ELMO.   Kim (Emily's mommy) and I stayed awake many nights working on Elmo decorations for the big day.  I was really happy with the end result.

Everyone had a great time.......

Happy first Birthday sweet Emily
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