Monday, May 17, 2010

The Weekend in Review

The weather here in Pittsburgh this past weekend can be described by no other word than PERFECT.  The sun was warm and radiant with temperatures reaching 70 degrees.  An absolute ideal weekend to spend in the outdoors.  Saturday morning my husband and I headed out early to visit a few garage sales and to take in one of Emma's soccer games.  He usually doesn't enjoy going to garage sales but they just happened to be very close to the soccer field.  When I asked him if he enjoyed the garage sales he said if it wasn't for Emma he would much rather have stayed home and saved his treasure hunting for the local flea market.  The soccer game was fun to watch--Emma even scored a goal--and I was delighted to find these two treasures....
After our garage sale adventures, I spent the rest of the day finishing up the gardens and patio---trimming, mulching and adding just a few more plants.  Gardening is a lot of work but I just love the end result.
I was delighted when my Mom brought me this vintage birdcage stand.  Apparently it had been in her basement for some time and she thought I could do something fun with it.  She was right--I quickly  grabbed on of my favorite buckets and filled it with the sweetest pink daisies and white bacopa.  It looked so happy hanging from the little hook meant to hold the birdcage. 
Even Mabel and Sassy enjoyed the beautiful weather.  Mabel is always up for a game of "Look I got the ball---come and chase me" 
On Sunday we did a little flea marketing
a little picnicking
and a little relaxing
We finished off the weekend by watching the season conclusion of Survivor.  I even lit the teekie torches.
  Because Jerri was voted off I was cheering for Sandra but Alex and Alex were voting for Russell (what!! you have to be joking) All night I had to listen to chants "Russell is going to  win" This picture captures the moment that I could chant back "Sandra won "
I hope you all had a fun relaxing weekend.  The next few days hold rain for us.  It is a good thing however--I have many deadlines to meet so I will be in my studio creating as the raindrops hit my window. 
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