Monday, April 5, 2010

When God Closes a Door.....

...He opens a window.

But sometimes the closing of that door can be something that you didn't really want to happen.   
Last March I decided to take my little shop, Dandelion Wishes to a local gift boutique.  I signed my one year lease and excitedly got to work creating and collecting items for my display.  I opened Dandelion Wishes on April 1 with nervous anticipation.  I love to create and  finding the perfect way to display my art was such fun.  When something that I worked so hard to create would sell,  I must admit it was very rewarding.  But as the year went on I began to question if this was the right decision for me.  I don't like to be a quiter but after talking with my family and friends I have decided not to resign my lease.  But I just can't stop creating!! So what's a girl to do??
 Find my open window.  
Because I was so busy filling my area at the boutique, I had no other choice but to  neglect my etsy shop letting it stay empty for months at a time.  It will now have 100% of my attention.  I had forgotten how much I enjoyed maintaining it and visiting other etsy shops.  A while back I joined a group of ladies on etsy called Etsy Cottage Style and made quite a few friendships.  I didn't realize how much  I missed visiting these ladies  and looking at their lovely shops until today when I checked in with several of them.  They are holding an event on the first Monday of each month called Market Monday.  It is a time where members meet at the Esty Cottage Style Blog to market our selling sites.  If you get a chance pop on over to the blog and take a look at some of the amazing shops and the beautiful treasures they offer. 
So for now I will continue creating,  filling my etsy shop, catching up with my etsy friends, and looking at the view through my open window.  

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