Friday, October 24, 2008

The Jacket

I can remember the year Alex began playing football like it was yesterday. The year was 2000 and he was nine. He had already participated in the youth wrestling program for a several years so the shock of my baby playing a contact sport was not quite as great as it could have been. The boys would practice every night after dinner in a field behind the Intermediate High School. While the boys would practice, the parents would sit in our stadium seats and have coffee. Sometimes I even baked a sweet to share as we watched our little men practice such a big sport. There were times that the boys from the Intermediate High School would be finishing up their practice before ours began. I can remember listening to their deep voices as they siked each other up for the next game. I remember thinking how big and strong those boys looked in their practice gear. It doesn't seem possible that my little man has turned into one of those big, strong boys. Just where does the time go???
Alex is a Junior this year and through all his hard work and perseverance has earned the right to wear a Letterman jacket. We could not be more proud of him. They were measured for their jackets during the summer and just last week the jackets were distributed to the boys. There was a very nice ceremony where the jackets were presented to each mom and then she helped her son put it on for the first time. Family members were invited to attend as well so my mom being one of Alex's number one fans, jumped at the chance.

Alex is thrilled with his jacket and can hardly wait to wear it. I am thrilled that there will be no argument this winter about wearing a coat to the bus stop.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Is it time to PANIC??

Way back in the month of June when i first thought about the idea of participating in two local craft shows, time was on my side. "Oh I have lots of time to create" I said to myself. After all November was SIX months away. Well as all of you know, life gets busy and time flies by and now before I even realized it, my first show is in less than two weeks. It actually gives me shivers to type that. I have less than two weeks to create enough art to fill an eight foot table. Thank goodness my mom will be participating with me and has been a busy bee. She has wonderful quilts, purses, pillow cases and quilted jackets to display. But I must do my part to help fill the table. Oh there are lots of ideas floating in my head as to what to make it is just finding the time to actually create them. So starting this week I have decided to become stern with myself and actually get down to work.

One of my favorite projects to make are sweet little baby brag books. They make wonderful gifts for the new mom or grandma. The size is a perfect 6 x 6 so they easily fit into a purse or diaper bag. I make them using only the page protectors and bind them into little books.
Next I make the pages from plain card stock and sweet patterned paper. There are so many adorable baby prints I have lots to choose from. On this little book I used the Animal Crackers --Jack paper from Making Memories. I just love all of their papers.

For the final touch I create two journal tags and tuck them in between the pages.

The finished product looks like this.......

I really do enjoy participating in craft fairs. To share my art, all while meeting and chatting with those who appreciate it is a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Have you ever participated in a craft fair? I would love to hear about your experiences and the items you have for sale. Just leave me a comment---I look forward to reading all about them. Well my break is over---it's back to work for me. Happy Creating!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Anniversary

I can hardly believe that today my husband, Alex and I celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary. We have been a part of each other's lives forever. We started dating in 1982 right after he graduated from high school however we had been friends long before that. I love the fact that we have been together longer than we have been apart.

This picture was taken in NYC on top of the World Trade Center right after we began dating. It's funny to see how young we were.

I feel so comfortable and safe with him. I know without a doubt that he loves me. (I guess to put up with me for so long he'd have to) Alex is a great dad. I remember when Alex (jr) was born and the doctor told us it was a boy, he actually jumped with joy. He and our son are not only father and son but also the best of friends. Alex works so hard to provide for us. At one point he was actually working three jobs. I love that he is sensitive, easy-going, calls me from work just to check in, respects his parents, is a good judge of character, is sentimental, is kind, cares for others and is thoughtful. He supports me in all that I do and offers me encouragement. He loves the Lord and seeks to do his will.

Happy Anniversary Alex. Thanks for loving me and being a wonderful part of my life. I would not have it any other way. I LOVE YOU!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My New Room

What are parents to do when their 17 year old son comes to them with a request for a set of free weights? Oh yes it sounds like a simple request and with Christmas right around the corner the answer to this question seems to be an easy one. However when this family lives in a two bedroom home and every inch of space has been used the request becomes more complicated. This is the situation my family recently faced. My son Alex, who rarely asks for anything, came to my husband and I and presented his request. This request was made earlier in the year as well but after thinking and rethinking about the available space in our home to put these weights, the idea was sadly dismissed. Our garage had already been converted into a home office for my husband and the available space in our game room was converted into a scrapbook studio for me. As I was working in my studio one afternoon, the thought occured to me-----Why don't Alex and I trade rooms. My studio in the game room was much larger than Alex's bedroom and would be able to hold Alex's bedroom furniture as well as a set of free weights. Oh I knew I would be receiving the smaller room in the trade, but I would just reorganize my supplies to fit in the smaller space. Alex was thrilled at this idea and the thought of a new room became exciting for me as well. There was only one catch ---Alex's bedroom had been painted black and gold. Living in Pittsburgh and loving all of our sports teams the color scheme seemed perfect at the time we painted his room. The thought never occured to me that I would ever want to have this room for myself. So the makeover began......................

Just a few before pictures. How was I ever going to make this room a place to inspire me and one that I would love to create in. I first emptied the room of everything and placed it in my living room. Yikes what a mess.
Then I set to work to cover those black and gold walls. With the help of my little white, shabby chair I could reach the high spots without lugging the ladder in from the shed. Well it took two coats of primmer and two coats of paint to cover that gold. I love the names of the paint---antique white (for the walls) and swan wings (for the trim). As for the black, I purchased wallpaper that looks exactly like beadboard and with the help of my mom covered that black right up.
I am so happy with the result!! Are you ready for the unveiling.............
The whole makeover took about two weeks. I am finally settling into my new studio and it feels just as inspiring as my other creative place. Alex loves his new space as well. Once we purchase those weights, I will have to take pictures to share with you. Well I am off to create in my new space.
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