Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Beautiful Nuisance

As I was contemplating starting my blog and opening my etsy shop, many thoughts swam in my head. What would I write about, what would I sell in my shop and what in the world would I call my blog and shop? Oh I had a list of names---which one should I choose? I finally decided on Dandelion Wishes. Why that name you ask? Why a dandelion--they are such a nuisance poking their little yellow heads right out into the beautiful green grass. Then there are those little white seed parachutes floating over my lawn just looking for a place to land and grow more little yellow heads in my beautiful grass. If I would have stopped at that thought I never would have choosen the dandelion to represent my blog. Who want's to be known as a nuisance?? Not me :)

As I stopped and looked at the little yellow flower, I discovered that it is really quite beautiful. With it's many petals and it's happy yellow color I found it to be really very cheery. And then the thought struck me. There are many things that come into our lives that at first we consider a nuisance. But if we really stop to think about them, often they can become a thing of beauty--teaching lessons and helping us to grow and mature in our lives. I couldn't think of a better name for my blog and shop. It helps to remind me to stop and see the beauty in all situations, to ask myself what lesson am I to be learning, and how does this situation help me to grow into a better person. I wish that for all of you my friends as well.
And who could not love a bouquet of these sweet little beauties. Hand picked with tiny hands just for you and given to you with all the love in the world.


Heidi ( said...

So precious! (Both the tiny hand AND the story!)

Bev Breisinger (twofrogs84) said...

Yep, the sweet little beauties that leave that white sticky stuff all over your hands!! LOL!!

I love your posts - taking time out to notice the other than crafting stuff. It makes your blog unique! I'm hooked!

Glad to see ya today too!

SweetBellaBug said...

How right you are ~ and what an appropriate name for you, your blog and your shop! You always see the beauty and good in everything and everyone! I am so lucky to have you as one of my close friends!

Scrap for Joy said...

What an important message for us all to think about. You, my dear friend, are never a nuisance. You are bright and sunny like the dandelion.

starrynightimpressions said...

You can even make a really super duper health tea from dandelions, it's really bitter but really good for you I've heard lol
I'm too afraid to try it!
But isn't that a part of life, beauty and bitter all mixed in.
and isn't it the most precious thing when our lovely children or grandchildren pick us a handful of those yellow bursts of color?
that's what life is all about, joy!

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