Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Heidi!!!!!!

Sometimes in life we are given blessings beyond all of our expectations. My very best friend, Heidi, is one of these blessings. Heidi and I have been friends our whole lives. Our parents became friends while living in the same apartment building shortly after they were married. When it was time to move into a house, it was decided that they would build right next to eachother. Heidi was born in April and I the following February. From that day on we would be forever friends. Infact it was Heidi that gave me the name Mimi. My given name is actually Maureen but I guess that was just too difficult for a 10 month old to say so I became "Mimi". Growing up was great having your best friend just a walk across the yard away. We have so many memories of the fun things we did. We had sleepovers, camp outs on the patio, played dolls for hours, and of course played dress up.

Oh yes, I am the one on the left--notice my choice of outfit. Well it is one of my favorite colors, aqua. I have no idea what is on my head:) Heidi is the tidy, proper, pulled together one on the right. This picture certainly matches our personallities today. I have a nickname for her "Tidy Heidi" . When she would come to my house to play, we would have to tidy up my room first. My mom loved it when Heidi came to play :)

As we grew up we grew closer together. Going through all those things little girls go through. Family vacations, our first boyfriends, our first heartbreak, going off to college, our engagements, our weddings, the birth of our first child (both sons of course), happy times and sad times. We have been there for eachother.

Our friendship is truely a gift to me and I don't know what I would ever do without her. I started this blog a few days after Heidi's actual bithday on April 12 but I wanted to wish my best friend a Happy Birthday even if it is a couple of days past.


Scrap for Joy said...

How many people are lucky enough to go through life always in touch with their first true friend! I'm just so glad both of you have improved in the "Fashion Sense" area....we'd have to sign you up for What Not To Wear-LOL! Here's to Friendship-Cheers to you both!

Heidi ( said...

I agree with Joyce, you ARE lucky to get to go through life with a true friend all the years. I love both photos of you two! Happy Birthday to your friend, Heidi!

*Heidi Woodruff*
Everyday Cookies blog

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

What a blessing a true friend is! If you can count all of your true friends on one hand you are indeed very blessed!

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