Thursday, August 21, 2008

Horefto--The sequal to Platania

I thought my next post should be about my trip over the mountain to the beautiful beach, Horefto. In keeping with the theme of our trip--all places worth seeing were above sea level, we headed back up the mountain. This was the trip I had heard so much about and truthfully was not looking forward to. I did not ask the elevation of the mountain but when we traveled half way up the mountain to visit the little village of Makrinitsa, the elevation was 2400 feet above sea level. Knowing that we were going to have lunch at the top of the mountain in the village of Hania, it was not hard to figure out that I would be about 5000 feet above sea level. Going on my past experience with this mountain travel, I knew the final destination would be well worth the trip. So I once again got into the van, closed my eyes, and held on to the headrest in front of me and tried to focus on the amazing beach I would soon be relaxing on. I could feel the warmth of the sun on my arm shining through the window as we drove. As we traveled higher and higher I noticed the change in the temperature. The air was becoming much cooler almost cold on my skin. When I could no longer feel the sun, I opened my eyes to see where it had gone. It was then that I realized that we were actually driving right through the clouds. I don't think there are words to describe my feelings at that moment. I could hear the whispers of my husband and son as they were in awe of the view. "Shhhh, don't tell mom" I believe was the reaction of my son. I became much braver as we began our decent and was able to open my eyes. WOW the Aegean sea, with it's many shades of blue was breathtaking. As the waves reached the shore line, they crashed into rows of pure white. I don't know if it was the relief of finally reaching sea level or the amazing beauty right in front of me that actually brought a tear to my eye.
We had such a lovely time at this beach. The waves were much too strong for me to attempt swimming but I enjoyed watching Alex and his cousin, Dimitri braving these giant beauties.
We walked the beach, soaked up the sun and had a yummy snack of grilled pork, fresh tomatoes, olives, cheese and bread to hold our growling tummies until we reached the restaurant at Hania. As the time to leave neared, I tried to take in as much of the view as I could. I really could have stayed there forever. But with the sun so very intense and with my skin starting to sting, I finally realized it was time to leave. Back up the mountain we headed. As we traveled on our way to Hania, we came upon a roadside restaurant filled with the happy sounds of a baptism celebration. Greek music played loudly as guests laughed, talked and of course danced. We stopped for a few minutes to watch and enjoy the music. Because everyone is like family here in Greece, no one minded that we took pictures.

When Uncle Nestor took my hand, I almost couldn't help myself not to join in the dance. The restaurant at Hania was just as I expected--wonderful. I selected a sausage and pepper dish and was not disappointed. It is amazing that no matter how nervous and stressed I get being at such high elevations, it never seems to effect my appetite.

Another wonderful adventure in Greece.

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Scrap for Joy said...

Oh Mimi, your descriptions are so colorful that I'm sure you could easily be a travel ambassador for Greece. Thank you for sharing your stories. You've painted a wonderful story for all your readers.

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