Friday, August 1, 2008


Have you ever visited someplace that you instantly fell in love with? Someplace so charming and enchanting that it just captures your heart. From the moment I stepped onto the cobblestone streets of Makrinitsa it was true love. Makrinitsa is a little village located about 2400 feet above sea level on the mountain that is the backdrop for the city of Volos. Imagine me, a girl afraid of heights, loving such a place. So much so, that I requested to return after my first visit. Ok I must admit I was just a little nervous as we traveled up the winding roads to just about the middle of the mountain. There were a few spots that I had to squeeze my eyes shut as the butterflies danced in my stomach. But once we reached our destination, those cobblestone streets greeted me and invited me to explore the village. As I strolled along, I came upon quaint little homes that seemed to be just randomly placed right at the mountains edge. Some with little stone paths or stairs leading you to their front doors.
As I continued to explore, I came upon the sweetest gift shops all with store fronts so captivating they just beckoned me inside.

Once I reached the edge of the village, I came upon one of the most beautiful sites that I have ever seen. A little church , so very old yet standing so strong with it's walls of white stone. As I peeked through it's arched door, I was amazed at the beauty within. The glowing candles, sparkling chandelier, and the wonderful paintings upon it's walls. I couldn't help to think-- no matter what religion you happen to be this is a wonderful place to praise and worship God.

Right across from the little church was an outdoor cafe. Little tables surrounded by slatted chairs. Once again an invitation to stop, sit a while, and just enjoy all the beauty that surrounded me. I enjoyed an iced coffee drink with my family and then it was time to slowly walk back down the cobblestone street to our awaiting van.
Before I close this post for tonight I would like to share with you the amazing view of Volos from the edge of Makrinitsa.
(My Father-in-law and Mother-in-law, John and Edith)
Makrinitsa, the little village that stole my heart. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have visited it's streets and for the memories I will forever have.


Sherry said...

First of all, how lovely to see you and your family in these beautiful surroundings...

And see you conquering your fears Mimi!! Fear of flying -- and you've done it twice!! And fear of heights and you fell in love with a place that if you had held on to that "fear" you would have never discovered!!!

What an incredible vacation this has been for you in so many ways. You were meant to go to Greece and you now have a very special relationship with this country on so many levels!

As for this little town of is absolutely can feel the live and the atmopshere from the photographs. More and more you are making me think I need to get myself to Greece!!

The Rose Cottage said...

Ohhhh Mimi, this is a most beautiful place, thank you for sharing it with us. Isn't it nice how simple their lives are over there, just like when we visited old villages in Italy. I went up one of those winding roads too and it scared me, that was to Cortona, where they filmed some of "Under The Tuscan Sun".
You look great girl, so healthy and tanned and happy, it is just wonderful to hear you had the time of your life.
Sherry is so right about conquering our fears, isn't she always right though :) I need to start getting over my fears too, I am so proud that you did and you must feel so free that you allowed yourself to go with it. Awesome!

Bev said...

Thanks for sharing all these lovely photos! I particularly love the shop pics - I probably would have stayed all day!

Can't wait till your next post!!


Southern Lady's Vintage said...

What a beautiful place! I am so happy for you Mimi that you had this wonderful opportunity!! Thanks for sharing!

Scrap for Joy said...

How could anyone not want to go to Greece after seeing your pictures. I, too, love the market pictures. Hard to believe that it's 2008. We Americans really are too indulgent and should take a lesson from the Greek people and live simpler lives.

Debbi said...

really enjoying your pics Mimi, keep them coming!


Vicki C said...

Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing! It was my little mini vacation today! lol

Heidi ( said...

Beautiful! I can almost *smell* the cut flowers at the market, *smell* the inside the of church, *taste* the foods, and *feel* the warmth of family to share it all with. How lucky you were to have experienced this beautiful place.

Deb said...

OH I am SO jealous! What a lovely place that is. I am loving it just from the pictures, so I can imagine how awesome it was in real life. Thank you so much for sharing that.

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