Monday, October 20, 2008

Is it time to PANIC??

Way back in the month of June when i first thought about the idea of participating in two local craft shows, time was on my side. "Oh I have lots of time to create" I said to myself. After all November was SIX months away. Well as all of you know, life gets busy and time flies by and now before I even realized it, my first show is in less than two weeks. It actually gives me shivers to type that. I have less than two weeks to create enough art to fill an eight foot table. Thank goodness my mom will be participating with me and has been a busy bee. She has wonderful quilts, purses, pillow cases and quilted jackets to display. But I must do my part to help fill the table. Oh there are lots of ideas floating in my head as to what to make it is just finding the time to actually create them. So starting this week I have decided to become stern with myself and actually get down to work.

One of my favorite projects to make are sweet little baby brag books. They make wonderful gifts for the new mom or grandma. The size is a perfect 6 x 6 so they easily fit into a purse or diaper bag. I make them using only the page protectors and bind them into little books.
Next I make the pages from plain card stock and sweet patterned paper. There are so many adorable baby prints I have lots to choose from. On this little book I used the Animal Crackers --Jack paper from Making Memories. I just love all of their papers.

For the final touch I create two journal tags and tuck them in between the pages.

The finished product looks like this.......

I really do enjoy participating in craft fairs. To share my art, all while meeting and chatting with those who appreciate it is a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Have you ever participated in a craft fair? I would love to hear about your experiences and the items you have for sale. Just leave me a comment---I look forward to reading all about them. Well my break is over---it's back to work for me. Happy Creating!!


Sherry said...

I used to do craft fairs years ago and then started having a big sale in my house -- did that for a few years. So I know the "pressure" to produce, the fear that you won't have enough, or people won't come, or won't buy. Mimi, what you've shown here is adorable and I have every faith that you will not only have enough to sell, you will do well!

Lynn said...

Hi Mimi, thanks for visiting my blog and reading about my trip, it was great. I had no idea you were doing a craft show, I have done them in the past too and sometimes they were fun and sometimes a lot of work. Just make what you love like the adorable little brag books, I am sure you will sell them :) Get to work and just enjoy the process.

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