Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Blustery Day

When Winnie the Pooh talks about a blustery day he is describing the exact weather we are having here in Pittsburgh today. As the snow is falling from the sky the wind is whipping it about. It looks just like a snow globe outside my window right now. Oh what's there to do on a Blustery Sunday here in Pittsburgh? I actually love these kind of days. There is something comforting about being inside, safe and warm as the wind howls outside. First things first...have a hot bowl of homemade vegetable soup to warm the tummy.Once I am toasty warm on the inside I am ready to create. These kind of days are great for creating. As I sit in my new craft room I can now look out the windows and enjoy the falling snow. Here is a little something I recently created for a craft fair that I participated in. You could say I was inspired by the fast approaching winter months.

I soldered these sweet little snowmen charms and pre-packaged them all ready for gift giving. Look for them soon in my etsy shop.

I hope you all are warm whatever the weather and where ever you are this Sunday. Have a Happy Day.


Scrap for Joy said...

Happiness is a loving friend who shares her homemade vegetable soup with kept me warm on my way home (and when I stopped to pump gas!) The pictures of the snowman charm and tin are adorable!
Thanks for lunch!

Christa from Chloe Rose said...


The soup looks delish! Your necklaces are delightful, as well. What wonderful gift ideas. I can't wait for some snow and bluster around here. I love snowy weather!


Chloe Rose

Lynn said...

Mimi, I adore your little snowman charm, I still never had a go at soldering, there are so many things I still want to try.
We are in for one of those days too, snow is supposed to come later today YUK, but you are right, they are perfect days to stay home and create, nice and cozy:)

Deb said...

Your blog looks fabulous, that soup looks delicious and the pink tin and necklace are SO sweet!

I'm envious of your weather. I'm in Colorado and you would expect that we'd have lots of snow right now, but here were are, the week of Thanksgiving and it's like spring. Not a bit of snow here except in the high mountains.


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