Friday, January 23, 2009

Mimi's Bake Shoppe

Now don't get excited, I have not decided to open a bake shoppe.....but if I did I would want it to be just like this one. It even has the perfect name don't you think?? My friends and I spotted this new little bake shoppe on one of our many trips to the local craft stores but never took the time to stop in. We would say " One of these days we are going to make time to pop in to see what it's all about". This Wednesday seemed like the perfect day as Joyce celebrated her Birthday on Tuesday and what better way to say Happy Birthday then with a wonderful cupcake!!! With much anticipation and excitement, Michele, Joyce and I all loaded into the car and headed for "Mimi's". When we opened the door we definitely were not disappointed! Shelves full of the most beautiful cakes I had ever seen and a glass counter filled with every kind of baked sweet. I even spotted a delicious looking feta and spinach pie that seemed to be calling my name.

After admiring everything it was time to make some decisions. Well since it was almost time for lunch and there were exactly three spinach and feta pies we decided to sit for a while in the little cafe and enjoy some lunch and a cup of coffee.
Just look at the wonderful lighting and mirror wall!!!!
The spinach and feta pie was amazing as was the Chocolate Mounds cupcake I shared with Michele. There is no picture of this cupcake because well lets face it--- I inhaled it so fast---I just couldn't help myself. Joyce purchased a couple to take home so I took a quick picture of those. Don't they look YUMMY!!

We had such a nice time visiting with each other and enjoying the bakery it was hard to leave. I decided to purchase a treat for later and I just couldn't leave without that cranberry orange scone. Trust me that was delicious too!!! If you live in the Pittsburgh area and are looking for a bakery, you must give Mimi's a try. Here is a link to their website---just click on the picture below.....What a wonderful way to spend the afternoon and to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my special friend, Joyce. XOXOX


Scrap for Joy said...

This was such a treat....pun intended. Your pictures are beautiful...we will definitely be doing another trip to Mimi's! (The mounds cupcake was awesome!!!)

Mimi Sue said...

Well with a name like Mimi's it had to be wonderful. I'm craving a cupcake now. Mimi

The Pink Bird House said...

Oh my gosh, what a great post. The pictures are fantastic, you captured those delicious confections just right! And liked seeing the bake shop itself. what a delightful place it must be. And you have such a nice way of telling the details of your day, as if us readers were right there with you. Thanks for sharing! And, thank you for the lovely lovely comment on my last post! That in turn brought back the tears to my eyes that I had when i wrote my post! Nice to share our tears with each other, and like feelings on our children growing up. take care, Debby

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