Friday, March 20, 2009


At long last Spring is here!!! As if my daffodils and crocus's were anticipating this day as much as I, they have begun to poke through the chilly ground to feel the warm sun on their petals. I love this time of year when everything is fresh and new. I recently came across this sweet little poem. It speaks of so many of the things I look forward to in this season.

The Call of Spring

When Spring begins
again to light
Our happy world
With colors bright,

The robins all come
Back to see
How beautiful
The earth will be.

With crocus gold,
And daffodils
Lighting Meadows,
Fields, and hills;

With leaves of green
And tulips gay,
And birds arriving
Every day.

Before I close this post for today, I want to share with you another little project that I have just completed for a Vintage Spring Swap hosted by A Swap for all Seasons.

I created this photo banner using some of my favorite vintage supplies. A page from a French novel, sheet music, seam binding, and a scanned image from a vintage greeting card. The card images have been sewn on the corners to form a pocket. A 4 X 6 photo will slip easily into the corner pockets to complete the photo banner. I had such fun creating this banner and I hope my swap partner will enjoy it.

I wish you all a happy first day of Spring. Enjoy all the wonders this day brings.


The Pink Bird House said...

HI!! I was so thrilled to see that you had a post in today! How is it going getting things done for the shop opening soon? Love the project you created for the swap, the colors are fabulous together. I love anything in pastel colors anyway. You are just so creative!! I always love seeing the things you have made. And the spring time poem, so perfect! It says it all, doesn't it! Wonderfully we have sunshine all the way today and it is rather warm out. I wish i could go run around out there and enjoy it like the kids are doing on their roller blades. Oh well, another few weeks and i will be thru this! Take care, and I wish you a HAPPY SPRING today. Debby

Scrap for Joy said...

I hope the crocuses are right and that Spring really is here. It is so nice when we have a sunny day. Your banner is beautiful and I know the bluebirds will make your swap partner smile.

starrynightimpressions said...

Congrats on your new adventure!
I predict that you will do great in the big real world!!!
You go girl :)

LisaJanelle said...

Love your banner...Your a talented soul....Would you make me one? :) Thanks.....

Anonymous said...

The flower is so pretty! I wish we had some signs of Spring!! I have been seeing robins so that's a sure sign that it's coming!! Your swap project came out really nice! Love the pocket idea!!

Toni said...

Your completed project is just beautiful! You're very artistically talented. Loved the sweet poem as well.

Mimi Sue said...

Your little project is so cute. Love the little birdies. Happy Spring! Mimi

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