Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Birthday Gift for Drew

Sweet baby Drew has turned one year old. What a special day to celebrate!! Oh what to give this special boy on his special day. I decided to create an alphabet book with-- what else but-- my new cricut. I have to say I had such fun with this project. I asked Drew's mommy for pictures of all the special people in Drew's life and then I added a few photos of my own. I mixed the photos with cute die cuts from my circut. I thought I would share a few of my favorite pages with you.

Happy Birthday precious little boy. You truly are a blessing.


Sarah said...

Hi Mimi! Thanks for coming by for a visit. What a wonderful gift! It is so cute and inspiring, it makes me want to make one for the little people in my life. :-) Hope you have a wonderful fall season.

Creative Breathing said...

Oh Mimi! That's it, you have won me over, a Cricut on my wish list as soon as possible! The characters are all so cute on this alphabet banner. Thank you so much for sending me the cute little owl! I love him! (Must get that cartridge!) You panels are just lovely. You and Joyce are my tag heroes! Your work is so meticulous making your art extra special. I am so honored you participated with us and hope we can swap again! I will be mailing individually to each of you as I have included something extra! Have a lovely weekend ahead! Elizabeth

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hi Mimi! What a lovely gift and momento you have made for Drew that I know will be treasured by his family!!!

Country Dreaming said...

Super cute book--he'll love it!!!
Great job.


Scrap for Joy said...

Wow-you're posting too quickly! I must catch up. This book for Drew is a masterpiece and a treasure for all times. I'm sure his Mommy & Daddy were thrilled to receive it and they can pass it on to Drew when he is old enough to understand the love and care that went into it. You really should be working for the Cricut people!!

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