Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Special Gift For Which I Am So Very Thankful....

Life has a way of passing by so quickly.  Each day begins the same-- is filled with daily chores and responsibilities--and ends the same as I snuggle down in my bed for a nights rest only to begin again in the morning.   But every once in a while something happens that stops me in my tracks and causes me to really appreciate how precious life is and how I have been blessed in so many ways.  This event that I am going to share with you happened several weeks ago, but I held off sharing it with you all until now.  I thought it  appropriate to share as my Thanksgiving post.
After my husband and I were married, we lived in an apartment for about three years.  It was a lovely apartment and I enjoyed living there very much. Soon the opportunity came for us to purchase a home of our own. Although I was a little sad to leave our apartment, I was excited about our new home and to finally become part of a neighborhood.  We moved in and began to meet our neighbors.  Soon they  became not only  neighbors but  our friends.  We would do all the things for each other that neighbors do...borrow cups of sugar, make meals if someone became under the weather, help to shovel snow in the winter, chat over the fence in the Summer and take in the mail and care for beloved pets as vacations arose.  I had done this many a time for the neighbors right next door.  Their family lives out of state and I was happy to care for their sweet kitties while they went for a visit.  So when they asked several weeks ago if I would take care of Tuck and Joey while they traveled I thought nothing of it and immediately said "Of Course". Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning went by uneventful.  When I left their home Saturday morning after caring for, feeding, and playing with the kitties everything was just fine.  When I returned later in the day everything was not fine. I knew as soon as I opened their front door something was terribly wrong.  I entered to find everything covered in a thick, black soot and by the looks of their kitchen there had been a fire. Somewhere in the distance I could hear some kind of alarm blaring and there was no sign of the kitties.  I saw no flames so I thought it safe to enter.  I ran upstairs to get the cat carriers and search for Tuck and Joey.  When my eyes began to burn and it became difficult to breath I thought I had better call 911.  When the firemen arrived they would not allow me to reenter due to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.  I was unable to save either kitty and made the difficult call to my neighbors to deliver the news.   I see those sweet little kitties and remember how I played with them and  how they were such special members of my neighbor's family.  I still struggle with the sadness of the situation however with the event several weeks in the past I am beginning to look at it in a slightly different light......

My neighbors house will be completly restored.  There was very little fire damage and no water damage because by the time I had discovered the fire it had snuffed itself out--something the firemen told me rarely happens!!! The smoke damage is repairable. 

Because my neighbors were not at home, they were not injured.  God protected me from injury and from the dangerous carbon monoxide that had filled their home. 

When visiting with them several days ago, we got to talking about things that made us smile.  I happened to mention seeing this little rag doll in a local gift shop and how something about her brought a smile to my face. When our visit was over, it was less than an hour when they were back at my door with a little bag all decorated with a pink bow.  "We thought you needed something to make you smile"   Wrapped in tissue paper and tucked carefully inside the bag was my ragdoll.  It still brings tears to my eyes to think about everything they are going through right now-- they thought of me and brought me something that they knew would make me happy.   
I have named her Mary Clair and she sits on my desk shelf right above my computer.  She is there to make me smile and to remind me of all that I have to be thankful for.....

For a loving God who protects me and those I love
For friends and family
For a place to call home where I can welcome loved ones

I pray that on this Thanksgiving day you will enjoy spending time with those you love and will take the time to reflect on all of your blessings.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!


Joanne Smisko said...

Mimi I am very thankful for you

Shirley said...

Mimi, A very touching post and I can imagine how you would feel. Your rag doll is so adorable amd would make you smile everytime you look at her. It is great to have neighbors like that. Our neighbors change so fast that you never get to know them and sometimes I think they have a revolving door. We have had two sell on the courthouse steps. It is just a different world. I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving. Your Missouri Friend.

Cheryl G. said...

Sad for those kitties.
Glad you are ok!
Sweet doll and sweet neighbors!c

heidi said...

What a story! It warms my soul to see people touching each other's lives like you and your neighbors. Its the real "face to face" that we need. The real-life experiences that you's written about keep us going. We do need each other. I'm thankful you and the neighbors are okay, though sorry for the kitties. Sweet doll--love her middle name! (ALMOST like our new Claira!).
Hugs, Heidi

Country Dreaming said...

I glad no one was injured.
I'm sorry to hear about the kittens and the house. What a nice gesture from people who are going through so much.


Mimi Sue said...

So sorry to hear about the kitties. It must have been so hard for you. But, you are so right, it could have been so much worse. We call these little blessings 'tender mercies'. So many things to be thankful for! Mimi

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