Thursday, December 9, 2010

Do you feel like this at Christmas time????

My mom was looking through some old  family photos when she came across this priceless picture of Santa and me. Priceless in many ways----the look on Santa's face, my dress, and just what am I wearing on my legs---fishnet stockings???? Mom what were you thinking??  After we all had a good laugh, it occured to me that I still at times feel the same way at Christmas.  This time of year is filled with so much hustle bustle---shopping for the perfect gifts,(only after sitting in hours of mall traffic and fighting for the last parking space in the entire parking lot) wrapping all of those perfect gifts, decorating the house, setting up the tree, hanging the lights(thankfully testing the lights before hanging them), making an emergency trip to Target to purchase new lights to replace the ones that just will not light, writing the Christmas cards, standing in line at the post office to mail all of those cards, baking cookies, office parties, visiting family and friends------kind of makes you want to cry too doesn't it? 
It also occured to me that this very special time of year is not all about the gifts, cards, and decorations.  Although it brings joy to shower loved ones with gifts and  many family traditions and happy memories have been made while decorating,  I need to remember not to allow those activities to overtake the real reason we celebrate this season.

This weekend I will be finishing up my shopping, putting the last touches to my holiday decorations and sending Christmas greetings to my loved ones....I will be sure not to forget to thank my Lord for his gift to me---his precious Son Jesus......
Have a Happy Weekend


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hello Mimi!!
I LOVE the picture of you on Santa's lap--He kind of looks like he was pinching you!:-) I'm with you on the hussle and craziness of the season, and like you also try to keep in mind what it's all about! ~Stay warm!!~

Shirley said...

Hello Mimi, I think I can find a picture similar to yours. I don't like the crowds and then having one in the wheel chair makes it all the more fun. I think about the celebration and remember it is the time to be with family and enjoy the memories that are made. The little one in the previous post is so cute. Have a great weekend. Your Missouri Friend

Country Dreaming said...

Enjoyed tge picture of you and Santa.
It does get crazy doesn't it.
We are doing our decorating this weekend and putting up our tree.


Mimi Sue said...

Every year I say this year will be different! I'll be organized and finished with the shopping before December arrives. Never happens. Thanks for the reminder of what the season is all about. Mimi

Loretta said...

The picture is priceless. I too had fish net stockings. Tee hee...I loved mine. They were sooo comfortable.

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