Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is my Moms birthday--a day that I truly celebrate. 

I celebrate her birth, her love for me, and our friendship. I celebrate the blessing she is to not only me but to everyone she meets.  I celebrate her kind spirit,  sense of humor, nurturing way, love of the Lord, willingness to share her talents, friendliness, wisdom, love of adventure, and joyous heart.  I celebrate the wonderful example she is to my son.

We started the party yesterday when Heidi, my mom's very good friend, Ruth and I all went to lunch.  I even brought a surprise visitor (Alex) to brighten up the day.  Getting him to take a serious picture takes some work (lol) But for Grandma he complied.

We continued the birthday fun at breakfast this morning with my Aunt Kathy(mom's sister)--who just happens to share the same birthday.  She was born on my mom's third bithday.  I try each year to make my mom's gift.  She always says not to buy her anything so I try to find something unique to create for her.   This year I knew as soon as I saw the beautiful art of Michelle Palmer that I had found the perfect thing.  Mom loves birds so I purchased three pen and ink sketches from Michelle, made them  mats of vintage sheet music, notebook paper and a page from a French book and framed them in a vintage frame. 
I covered the back of the frame with an old file folder and attached the names of the sketches with Michelle's signature.  My mom was delighted with her gift. 

Happy Birthday Mom!! I love you with all of my heart.


~Kim~ said...

What a lovely gift for a true gem of a Mom!! It is so nice to be able to enjoy the day with our Mom's isn't it?

Scrap for Joy said...

What a beautiful post. You and your Mom share a bond that is based on love and respect. You are both extremely talented in your own right and you support each others endeavors. The frame you put together for her is just beautiful and made more so because it was created with love.
Happy Birthday Joni!

Michelle Palmer said...

I'm so tickled!
Your entire post made me SMILE!
I LOVE that you make something special for your mom every year... and I'm humbled that you selected my drawings!
My daughter, almost 17, and I are VERY close. She is the sweetest gift... she's always in the studio. I treasure her! I love to read about moms & daughters~ thank you for sharing!
Happy Easter, sweet friend!


Such a lovely gift. I am a fan of Michelle also! Happy to have found your blog via her post about you! ~ Angela

jamjar said...

I loved "hearing" the love in your blog! The gift you made was gorgeous. Can I steal the idea?

marie said...

What a beautiful gift! Happy Birthday to your Mom ~ and your Aunt too!

I bought some of Michelle's sketches too. They look so sweet in frames.

Lady Farmer said...

I just had to come take a peek after Michelle's post about your gift.
Oh, I'm sure your mom was thrilled!
Not only with Michelle Palmer's art, and your lovely framed creation, but your heartfelt sentiments on this post will bless her as well.

Shirley said...

What a wonderful gift that you made for your mom and treasure the things that she has taught you and the time you can spend together. They will build wonderful memories for when she is no longer there for you. I lost my mother several years ago and I still think about the wonderful memories. Your mom is a jewel. Have a wonderful day.

Country Dreaming said...

Very neat. Cherish each day that you have your Mom and enjoy!


M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

I had to come over here when I saw your post title (while over at Joyce's). LOOOOVE the vintage photo of your mom at the top. So So cute!!!
And the gift you put together from Michelle Palmer's artwork turned out stunning. I'm sure she loved it.
I also really enjoyed the vintage pics below of your mom, aunt and MIL.
Take care,

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