Friday, December 16, 2011

Santa's Workshop....

.....or should I say Mimi's workshop.  I totally understand how Santa's elves feel at this time of year.  Hurrying and scurrying about trying to get all the toys made before Christmas.  Maybe this elf should take a lesson from them and start a bit earlier next year.  I have taken pictures of my custom orders and I thought it might be fun to share a few of them with you tonight.  This post will give you an idea of where I have been and why I haven't been leaving comments on my favorite blogs :)
Little polka dot lambs for a new set of twins
a few other lamb friends

Some new friends for special little girls

This little doll will be going to a customer's mother---Her name is Olive Mae and she will be 85 this year.  It only goes to prove that you are never to old for dolls :)

Several sets of finger puppets

A few of my favorite dolls that sold on my Etsy shop

Two happy little Christmas Elves
Four more little dollies to go and my orders will be complete.  All in time for Christmas :)  Now if only I could get my own shopping done. ONly 8 more days until Christmas-----yikes 


Country Dreaming said...

Everything is so cute.
Time is flying--can you feel the panic. Deep breath, it is all be ok.


Garter Mademoiselle said...

Mimi, your dolls are just adorable. I popped into your shop today to see what others were for sale and all were sold out! Yoohoo for you. So I scrolled through all the sold items, and one doll is as precious as the other. The next grand-niece or nephew to arrive in my family, and I will know just where to come for a present! I am like you, I have been far too long away from my blog, so need to get a post in and say hi to every one. Too much to keep up with, I think. Wishing you and your family a trully wonderful magical Merry Christmas!! ~Debby

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