Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Quilts and Fabric---I am addicted

Hi my name is Mimi and I am addicted to fabric  :) There I said it out loud--I feel so much better now.  Yes it's true I think I have a problem.  I just can't help myself, I see a pretty piece and I just have to have some.  I used to tease my mom about all the fabric she had in her stash and now I think I may just have more than she does.  I purchased this lovely group before the holidays......
Just in case you have the same addiction as I do, I purchased it from a wonderful etsy shop called Sew Deerly Loved. The name of this fabric is Pam Kitty Morning, Lakehouse. You can also find it here at The Fat Quarter Shop --- some of that pretty yellow is on it's way to my door as I write this :)  I told you I think I may have a problem (hahaha)
I also wanted to share with you a fun new book that I discovered. It is called Sugar Sack Quilts and I hope to some day be able to create a quilt as amazing as the ones in this book. 

Speaking of amazing quilts--I saved the best for last.  I have shared in previous posts what a wonderful quilter my mom is.  She has created many beautiful quilts and I am delighted to say that  I was the lucky recipient of her latest creation.

Several months ago we purchased a piece of  fabric covered with reproduction handkerchiefs.  My mom cut them apart and incorporated them in this beautiful quilt for my bedroom.

 I am thrilled with the way it turned out.  I think I may need a major room redo worthy of this work of art.  But that will be a post for another day :)
Just for fun and giggles I thought I would share this photo and caption with you..
it seemed an appropriate way to end this post :)


Scrap for Joy said...

I'm sure Ryan would be saying that to you...hahahaha!
If you have to be addicted to something, I think fabric (or scrapbook paper) is a good choice. Makes perfect sense to me.
Joni~You never cease to astonish me with your quilts! Would you adopt me as a sister? This is gorgeous...I want to see it in person!
Now get those charms done Mimi so you can play!

Sandy said...

I am also addicted to fabric....but I don't sew! I keep hoping someday I will have the nerve to take the leap...I have this thing about it having to be perfect.....I know it ruins a lot of fun.....I am going to ge t that book, just to at!!!!! I don't suppose you make quilts for others???? :):) Sandy @ 521 Lake Street.....

Country Dreaming said...

Fabric can be a useful addiction. :)

Great looking quilt that your Mom made. Lucky YOU!!!!!


Garter Mademoiselle said...

Not sure what is more yummy, all that pretty fabric, or Ryan Gosling. He definitely is one of my favorites, ever since THE NOTEBOOK. Love your quilt!! And that book is to die for. I do love to sew, and have often thought of going into quilts because I love blankets and afghans so much. A pretty quilt for the bed would be just my thing. Enjoy your new fabrics. They are so pretty.

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