Sunday, February 27, 2011

Saying Goodbye to February

February is one of my favorite months---how could you not like a month filled with hearts and love.  Oh and it also just happens to be my birthday month.  I turned 45 on February 8.  (Yikes) 
From the time I was a little girl, my mom would prepare us a birthday dinner of our choice.  I was really looking forward to my choice this year---Halusky, Kielbasa, and Pirohies--A  real Slovak dinner.  I woke feeling just a little achy but it was my birthday and I refused to be sick.  As the day went on I began to realize that I was indeed sick--Rats!!! the flu for my birthday.  My mom promised to keep my dinner until I was feeling better and I snuggled in my bed waiting for my fever to break.  I had to be better before Saturday.  My mom and I planned to spend the whole day together and then meet my best friend Heidi and her daughter, Jenna for dinner.  I also planned on spending the night at my parents--my Mom was going to teach me to quilt.  Thankfully by the time Saturday arrived I was feeling like myself again.  Mom and I got an early start and headed to the most amazing quilt shop.  I chose the fabric for my quilt lesson and then it was on to the local farm market--which just happens to have the most amazing gift shop.......

After a wonderful afternoon, it was time to meet Heidi and Jenna.  We did a little shopping....

had a little dinner, and then went back to my Moms for muffins and chi tea.

Mom gave me my quilt lesson--Heidi and Jenna headed home--and I got into my pj's and headed off to bed in my childhood room.  I know they say you can't go home again but I must say it was really nice for at least one night.  I slept so well--until 10:00am--that never happens.  Dad and I had muffins and coffee for breakfast.  Then later that afternoon finally my birthday dinner--YUMMY!!!
So goodbye to February and welcome to March--looking forward  to all this next month will bring.


GarterMademoiselle said...

I hate to say good bye to the month of Feb. too, it is such a delightful month, inspite of winter storms and such. For you it is even more special since it is your birthday month. Happy Belated Birthday! I loved hearing about your special day out. And one can go home again, even if just for a day or two. You can never go back for good, but you can be someone's little girl again for just a moment in time!

Janelle said...

Sounds like such a fun weekend, Mimi. So glad you got better in time to enjoy it! My mom no longer lives in my childhood house, but when I go to visit we revert to the mother-child relationship -- she does (almost) all the work and all I do (almost) is play, play, play. Gotta love that!

Country Dreaming said...

Glad you were able to have a great birthday.
Spending time with your Mom probably helped too.
I'm ready for this next month--it's alwasy nice to have a clean slate to start with.

Have a good one.


Mimi Sue said...

Sounds like a lovely birthday even if it was delayed a bit. Oh, and Happy Birthday! Mimi

Scrap for Joy said...

You visited some really fun places on your excursion. Trax is so amazing...I'll have to go with you sometime to the quilt store. Your recent projects are so cute! I'm glad it's March 1....spring comes in 3 weeks...I hope!
Your dinner sounded so delicious!!

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